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Choose your character in this fighting game to represent an anthropomorphic version of the different elements. Earth, fire, air, water and more. There are 28 spirits to choose from. A waterfall makes bubbles in the pond. Wind spirit and water spirit are having sex, hence the bubbles.

Take part in this orgy as it happens seamlessly throughout the landscape.

[m/m, m/f, f/m, m/shem, transformation, fighting game, psychedelia, psyxxx genre]

AEISS is a rather fast-paced 2D sidescroller beat 'em up with a ragdoll type behavior and realtime combat sex with a surreal tone.

It is set in a Universe where spirits are summoned by Natural Phenomena. This original gameplay is based on certain philosophical principles.

Archelementals of Eiss is an adult beat 'em up fighting game with in-combat sex action where you have 28 characters to choose from. This game serves as a preface to a series of chapters.

Why am I interested in designing games that unify sex and psychedelia?

What led me to want to make a game like this is that from my point of view, I feel like we live our daily lives separated. In simple terms, there is the observer and what is observed. In this elemental duality of the world that we perceive we try to more than understand what we see, to be that what we perceive, this being the ultimate form of understanding of reality. And for that to occur one has to somehow merge with reality (whatever that really means). To merge with everything, like in an orgy. Hence sexuality.

And why coming up with sex in this context? And not say nirvana, ego death, samadhi or simply love? Because by saying everything is love, is to most probably fail the intended message. People relate to love as only a positive thing. Therefore a way to bias the message, missing the duality altogether. On the other hand, sex comes from our most primitive form, hardwired biology we should not ignore, coming from the very fountain of the infinitesimal. Because saying "I fuck you", has at the same time a derogatory meaning as well as a nice meaning. Hence the unifying of the perceived duality.

By making a game where I present characters that are the forces of Nature anthropomorphized, I try to show this concept. Battling but making love, make love but battle. And from that struggle, the world we perceive comes to be.


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