Archelementals of Eiss 0.15 - Try it now!

 You can download the game from the Dropbox link.

What's new since 0.11?

- 'Warping across the area' bug fixed.

- Bugs related to energy missles fixed.

- Rising above the ground optimized.

- Some auras have now defensive capability.

How to play?

The game is still in a very early stage so no actual story yet. What you can do is explore the level and fight your adversary. You can try the slow-motion mode by pausing but playing as usual.

- Press 'Ctrl button' once for punching

- Press and hold 'Ctrl button' for launching energy missles

- Press 'Down arrow key' once for kicking

- Press and hold 'Down arrow key' for aura attacks 

- When you are having sparks all over your essence bar (the Rim), you can perform combat sex. The aim is for you to fill all your essence bar back up, before the adversary. 

When in this state, get near the adversary and keep holding down Ctrl and push and pull by pressing Left and Right arrow keys alternatively.

Sorry for still lacking the actual tutorial.

Have fun!

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